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Summer Private Music Instruction - Week 8 July 31 - August 3

Summer Private Music Instruction - Week 8  July 31 - August 3

Summer Private Music Instruction - Week 8 July 31 - August 3

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Summer Private Instruction - Music

Week 8:  July 31- August 3

Private lessons are available for piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, composition, theory, and voice for beginning through advanced students from school age through high school. Enrollment is open to interested students, regardless of age or ability.

Lessons are available in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute lengths.  

Summer private instruction session is six weeks, Monday through Thursday. 

As part of the youth private instruction program, registered students are offered performance opportunities. Careful consideration is given to match students with the appropriate instructor. First-time students are required to interview with the Executive Director prior to registration. At that time, students learn about the Conservatory’s philosophy and special offerings, and the Executive Director will recommend a teacher and schedule a lesson time.

For piano instruction, a piano or electronic keyboard at home is required for enrollment. 
Instruments Offered:
Strings: violin • viola • cello • double bass • guitar (acoustic and electric) • bass guitar
Percussion: World/Afro-Caribbean drums • drumset • marimba • symphonic percussion
Piano: classical • jazz • harpsichord
Voice: classical • musical theatre • jazz • pop
Brass: baritone • trombone • trumpet • tuba
Woodwinds: clarinet • flute • oboe • piccolo • recorder • saxophone • bassoon
30-minute lesson: $56
45-minute lesson: $84
60-minute lesson: $112

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