Chamber Music, Ensembles & Group Classes

Chamber Music

Chamber music provides students of all ages with the opportunity to enhance their performance skills and expand their musical insight and awareness through coaching sessions. The faculty coach's role is to be a musical guidance counselor/facilitator.

Program objectives:

  • reading a musical score: analyzing and evaluating
  • preparing the individual musical parts and learning non-verbal techniques of communication
  • active learning and performing

Chamber music is for students of all ages who have had one or more years of private instuction. Participants will be grouped according to their skill level. Chamber music is open to students who study privately with the Conservatory faculty as well as with outside teachers. Chamber music coachings are scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays, though exceptions are made when needed.

The Conservatory Chamber Music Program consists of 8 sessions with a faculty coach each semester for vocal and instrumental ensembles.

The second semester chamber music program culminates in the annual Conservatory Chamber Music Festival in the Spring with the student showcase concerts. 

Journey Percussion Ensemble - World Drumming
Through demonsatration and participation, students learn to play hand drums, claves, bells, and other percussion instruments from around the world using a variety of techniques. Learn how instruments are made and played in the context of historical and cultural traditions from Africa, South America, and Asia. 

Jazz/Rock/Pop Bands

First Time Around
Brings together vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and keyboard/pianists learning songs for the "first time".

Real Rock
Join the band and learn the rock classics form the 50's, 60's & 70's - Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and loads more! This classic rock band will include a lead singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer. New compositions will be explored.

Prerequisites: Open to all students with one year private instruction. Guitarists need to know power chords and be able to read song charts and tablature. Vocalists and other players need a solid rhythmic understanding. The band will perform two concerts a year.

The "Biz"
This band is for the serious vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboard/pianist, string and wind instrument preparing and performing jazz, rock, and pop songs for engagements and concerts. The band will perform two conerts a year at Concordia Conservatory and will be available for bookings, gigs, and engagements through the Conservatory adminstration during the academic year. 

Prerequisites: Participants are required to have prior band experience. Guitarists need to know power chords and have strong reading skills for song charts and tablature. Vocalists and other players need a solid rhythmic understanding and possess a high level of proficiency in their instrument and sight reading skills. 

Group Classes

Intro to Piano
Students learn the basics of piano in an engaging and social environment. Students are introduced to listening skills and fundamental musical elements of rhythm, melody and notation.

Intro to Guitar
Students learn the basics of guitar in an engaging and social environment. Students are introduced to listening skills and fundamental musical elements of rhythm, melody, and notation. 

Meet the Instrument
This 4-week survey class is designed to help children 6-8 choose his or her own instrument for private study. Each session, members of the faculty will introduce a new instrumental family-strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboard, and guitar-in a fun, interactive class. Young students learn to produce a sound on the instruments, observe live instrument demonstrations and listen to performances with hand-out material. 

Ukulele Class
A great place to start basic skills while having fun. This class provides a solid musical background using traditional and popular styles. Focus will be on traditional strumming styles.


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