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Private Music Instruction
Private lessons are available for piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, songwriting, theory, compositon and voice for beginning through advanced students from school age through high school. Enrollment is open to interested students, regardles of age or ability.

Lessons are available in 20-,30-, 45-, and 60-minute lengths, with 31 lessons per academic year and 1 studio class. As part of the youth private instruction program, registered students are offered performance opportunities throughout the year. Careful consideration is given to match students with the appropriate instructor. First-time students are required to interview with the Executive Director prior to registration. At that time, students learn about the Conservatory's philosophy and special offerings, and the Executive Director will recommend a teacher to schedule a lesson time.

Students enrolled in private lessons are encouraged to participate in chamber ensembles, classes, and performance opportunities. For piano instruction, a piano or electric keyboard at home is required for enrollment.

Private Coaching Sessions for Vocalists and Instrumentalists
As part of the private instruction program, registered students are offered the opportunity to schedule private piano coaching sessions with Jon Klibonoff to work on their repertoire outside of their private instruction to prepare for performance. Coachings sessions consists of 4 20-minute sessions scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday throughout the academic year.

All ages: Semester 1 & 2   20 minutes 4 sessions 
Tuition: $100 (4 sessions)


Strings          violin - viola - cello - double bass - guitar (acoustic and electric) - bass guitar
Percussion    drumset - marimba - symphonic percussion - World/Afro-Caribbean drums
Piano             classical - jazz - harpsichord
Voice             classical - musical theatre - jazz - pop
Brass              baritone - trombone - trumpet - tuba
Woodwinds   clarinet - flute - oboe - piccolo - recorder - saxophone - bassoon
Songwriting, Composition & Theory

Year-long enrollment required for Private Instruction
Lesson                       Per Semester               Year-Long

20-minute lesson        $ 615                            $1230 (age 5 & under)
30-minute lesson        $ 920                            $1840
45-minute lesson        $1380                           $2760
60-minute lesson        $1840                           $3680


Concordia Conservatory Academy
Designed for the motivated, dvanced and gifted instrumentalists and vocalists, the Conservatory Academy is a training center for highly gifted pre-collegiate musicians. The goal of the Avademy is simple - to make aspiring young people the best musicians they can be. In order to achieve this, the Avademy program provides students with a range of class offerings in music theory, ear training, basic conducting, music history, and solo performance. All Academy participants are required to participate in Chamber Music, Musical Theatre and Opera scenes and 60-minute private instruction.

The Academy focuses on every student's musical growth and development and assures that the curriculum addresses each individual's needs.

A live audition is required for acceptance and enrollment will be limited. The audition dates are: Call the Conservatory office to setup an audition time and date. Special audition times will be accomodated when possible. While it is ultimately up to a student and their teacher to determine what they play for their Academy audition, audition repertoire includes one piece that best demonstrates the student's current abilities.

The Academy will take place Saturday afternoons.
Components include:
     Dance for Singers only (8sessions per semester)
     Musical Theatre and Ear Training
     Music Theory and Ear Training
      Basic Conducting and Music History
     Chamber Music, Musical Thearre and Opera Scenes

16 sessions and 32 sessions year-long offered
Tuition:   $6080  32 sessions include 1 hour private lesson
              $3040  16 sessions

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