Songwriting, Composition & Theory

Songwriting, Composition &  Theory

Concordia Conservatory's programs in Songwriting, Composition and Music Theory amplify your creativity and solidify your fundamentals. Lessons are tailored to the interests of each student, whether you want to develop your skills in songwriting, composing, lyric writing, aranging or orchestration. And we offer frequent readings, concerts and recording sessions to get your music performed, recorded...and shared!

Private Lessons
Concordia Conservatory offers private lessons in composition, theory, songwriting, and arranging for beginning through advanced students of all ages.  Enrollmnent is open to students for all ages and abilities who have played an instrument for at least three years. We offer lessons in 30, 45, and 60 minute lengths, and first-time students are required to interview with the Executive Director prior to registration. At that time, students learn about the Conservatory's philosophy and special offerings, and the Executive Director will recommend a teacher and schedule a lesson time.

Music Theory Basics
This class will stregnthen basic concepts of music notation, ear-training, rhythm, reading, writing and listening skills for instrumentalists and vocalists.

Music Theory II
This class will further explore rhythms, intervals, major and minor scales, primary functions, and transposition for students who are at the equivalency to the Music Development Program grade 2.

Advanced Theory and Ear-Training
This class is for the advanced student and will include complex rhythms, intervals, scales and modes, and music analysis for students who are at the equivalency to the Music Development Program grade 3.

Hear It Live
Hear it Live is Concordia Conservatory's spring showcase concert for any student composer in elementary, middle, and high school. In this community-wide event, and students need not study at Concordia Conservatory to participate. The Conservatory provides instrumentalists, records the concert, and distributes the recordings to the participants. The Conservatory also provides a prize to the most accomplished work(s) on the program, adjudicated by a consortium of composer educators. Visit Concordia Conservatory's Composition & Songwriting page for more information on participating.

Songwriting and Composition Intensive
Directed by composer, teacher and pianist Matt Van Brink, the Conservatory's Songwriting & Comoposition camps offer talented middle and high school composers and songwriters the special opportunity to focus solely on exploring and refining their compositional skills. In these two- to six-week summer programs, students receive private composition lessons, classes in analysis, score-reading, theory, and aural skills, and the opportunity to collaborate with professional musicians in creating new works. During the camps, students write pieces for small ensembles which are then performed and recorded in a full evening concert, providing an invaluable learning tool and record of their achievement.






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